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"I want to give an extra special thanks to my friend, Jordan Silver, who is helping my firm with social networking/marketing. After several companies turned out rather poor re-designs of our website, Jordan recommended Randy Shannon/Webstrats Web Designs and stayed involved until the fantastic product was completed and live. Thanks, Jordan, for your very attentive help!"

​-Josh H. Kardisch, Kardisch Law Group

“I wanted to deeply thank you for your help. It has invigorated me to try and push harder. The resume looks great and hopefully will make a difference…. I do believe there are companies out there that will take advantage of my experience and creativity.”

- Client who had their resume evaluated & authored


Clients talk about us.

“They performed their duties in a highly professional and efficient manner.

We were pleased with their creative abilities.”

- John Holmes, Vice President, VFI

“You really helped me out of a bind.  The videos came out great and under budget!  Thanks again.”

- Training & Development Associate for

Wall Street firm

“Acting as a liaison is their specialty.  They can take a project from the embryonic stages through delivery while dealing with several parties simultaneously.”

- Executive Producer, New York City production company

"You made a beautiful montage for me for Mitchell's Bar Mitzvah! You are super talented at your craft."

- Elise Rubin, Client who contracted a montage for a life event

“They put forth an extra effort and enthusiasm that allowed them to go above and beyond the work required.”

- Vinnie Favale Vice President, CBS