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Argentium Films (of Ag Media Solutions, Inc.) prides itself on not only working with other producers and companies on their productions but that we also have the creativity to create our own. Currently we are seeking representation and funding.

“Technical Difficulties” is a situation comedy that follows the adventures and misadventures of “Worldview Media,” a socially conscious – but under-funded – television production company.  Every week the characters must deal with failing equipment, incompetent workers and the whims of fickle benefactors.  The main character is Gayle Winslow, a single mother and network news producer who leaves her career to try and save “Worldview.” Her ex-husband, Kurt Draper (a misogynistic, mercenary, globe trotting cameraman), shows up at “Worldview’s” doorstep with promises of helping her in her mission to save the company. Amongst the madness is Herb Gross, “Worldview’s” founder and president (a former network news executive who suffered a nervous breakdown), who insists on welcoming visitors and potential clients by dressing in their native costumes (i.e. togas, as a Viking, Klingons, etc.). 

The subplot includes their trying to produce their own documentary series about the environment called “Horizons.” Teased by rich benefactors who offer to fund the series (including one who promised $10 million but died while writing the check and only donated “$10”), each ridiculous shoot and client is taken on with the hopes of getting enough money to work on the project they care about.

“Technical Difficulties” mixes both the modern television comedy as well as television’s rich comedic past. While “Technical Difficulties” will be produced with one camera and without an audience (much like “Scrubs” and “The Office”) it will draw on the inspiration of shows such as “WKRP In Cincinnati”, “Murphy Brown”, “NewsRadio”, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “Barney Miller” and “Taxi”.  Further, there will be flashbacks and “asides” (like on “Family Guy”) and animation. 

"Technical Difficulties": A Situation Comedy.


Ag Media Solutions, Inc.'s division Argentium Films is very proud to have had productions either air on various broadcast outlets or be produced for them. The following is a sampling of the networks that we've contributed to.