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Non Broadcast, On-line/Mobile and Corporate Productions

2003-2014. ABCNews VOD/ Presidential Inauguration; Presidential Election night coverage; Presidential debates; RNC/DNC Conventions, Primaries and debates; 9/11: Where Things Stand; iTunes “The Day It Happened” podcast series: “The Eagle Has Landed: Apollo 11,” “End of a Dream: Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy,” “A Royal Wedding: Charles and Diana,” “Massacre at the Munich Olympics,” “The Berlin Wall Comes Down,” “Shots Fired At Ronald Reagan,” “Challenger Explodes over Florida,” “Shock and Awe: The Gulf War Begins,” “End of a National Nightmare: Richard Nixon Resigns,” “The Whole World is Watching: OJ Simpson Bronco Chase.” Nightline.
1999-2003. New associate workshop (Deutsche Bank); Goldman, Sachs & Co.: “Mng. Director 2001 Offsite Workshop,” “Mng. Director Initiative Presentation,” “Mng. Director 2000 Initiative Conference,” “Mng. Director 2000 Web Presentation,” “2000 Worldwide Associate Orientation,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Training & Developing Offsite City Montage,” “The September Project,” “Inside GS,” “ I  P  O,” “What Makes This Place Tick?” (English and Japanese versions), “Hank Paulson/John Thornton/John Thain IPO Webcast,” “John Thain/John Thornton Webcast From England,” Mrs. Jackie Robinson Opens the NYSE VNR (The Goldman Sachs Foundation);  Conoco IPO & DuPont Split-off (Conoco Oil).
1993-1999. The Reebok Human Rights Awards (Reebok International); The Dalai Lama In America (US Mission For Tibet); The People Vs. The Bomb (Committee To Eliminate Nuclear Bombs); Amnesty International Media Spotlight Awards (Amnesty International); Connected: Careers For The Future (The Ford Foundation); A Tribute Dinner (Morgan Stanley); An Evening With Allen Ginsberg (Mercury Records); Partnership For Responsible Drug Info.; Committee To Protect Journalists Dinner (Committee To Protect Journalists); The National Arts Club: “William Kunstler: An Evening Of Poetry,” “The National Arts Club Honors William Styron,” “The National Arts Club Honors Marisol”; The Community Preservation Corp.: “The Law Of Mortgage Lending,” “Making It Work: 20 Years of the CPC”; Steal This Film: Abbie Hoffman & The Chicago Eight; The Promise (UNICEF); “Elusive Justice” (The Simon Weisenthal Foundation); The First Amendment Awards (The Playboy Foundation); The Equality Awards Honoring Quincy Jones (The Urban League).

Broadcast, Documentary and Film Productions

2003-2014. My 2 Sense Multi-Media: Bullycide: The Voice of Complicity, ABCNews: Time Tunnel; Exclusiva. ABCNews: Coverage of Hurricane Katrina,  Pope John Paul II funeral; Presidential Inauguration, Election, Convention, Debates and Primary coverage; Iraq War coverage*;  ABCNEWS Live.
1993-2003. The Howard Stern Radio Show (CBS); Now Batting, hosted by Glen Walker. Richard Speck: Born To Raise Hell*(Court TV); It Takes Knowledge… For A Healthier World, (The World Bank); Children First:  D I V O R C E, PSA (ABC); China: Change & Challenge (The World Bank); Globalization & Human Rights*, with Charlayne Hunter-Gault (PBS); Get Up, Stand Up: Ten Years Of The Reebok Human Rights Awards (MTV); Jiang Zemin Is Coming To Town, (CCTV, Beijing TV); LivelyHood (PBS); The Ballad Of Abner Louima (MTV); The Bible Code, Video EPK; The Soul Of Christmas With Thomas Moore, Celtic Christmas special (PBS);  The Stargate Saga, (Showtime); Inside Copland, (TNT); Beyond Life: Timothy Leary Lives; Connected: Careers For The Future. (WNET/13); The World Of Elie Weisel*, with The Rev. Jesse Jackson, (WNET/13); This Old House (HBO Home Video); Falsely Accused/Wrongly Convicted, with Barry Scheck (MSNBC); Strange Universe (UPN): “Funeral Crasher,” “Side Show,”    "S & M Dining,” “Bitchy Bingo,”  “Channeling Jerry”. Cry, The Beloved Country, EPK (SABC/Miramax); Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television*, with Charlayne Hunter-Gault (PBS): “Child & Sweatshop Labor*,” “US Drug Policy & The War on Drugs,” “Illegal Chinese Immigrants”; Sowing Seeds, Reaping Peace: The World Of Seeds Of Peace, with Barbra Streisand (HBO); Can’t We Just Get Along, (WNET/13); Region At Risk: A Plan For Our Future, with Chuck Scarborough (WNET, CPTV, NJN); After Hiroshima (WNET/13); Mothers & Others (Planet Central TV); A Spiritual Salute To The UN (WNET/13); Yellow Wasps: Anatomy Of A War Crime; Mothers On Trial (Lifetime); Countdown To Freedom: 10 Days That Changed South Africa, with James Earl Jones (HBO/Cinemax); A Song For Sarajevo, VNR; Boxing & The Mob for Front Page (Fox).
1988-1993. WNYF-TV: Fredonia Blue Devil Hockey; The Unsung Heroes; PrimeTime!; NewsWatch; The American Cancer Society Telethon; SuperDance for The Muscular Dystrophy Association;  WCVF-AM: The EJ Sterling Show; WKRB-FM: The EJ Sterling Show; Sunday Night Sports.

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