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Ag Media Solutions, Inc.

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     All projects are produced utilizing high-end graphic treatments. When consulting with clients, we suggest the most creative, innovative and affordable solutions.  The associates and vendors we work with (graphic designers, editors, videographers and cinematographers) have won many awards and are considered to be at the top of their respective fields.

     AgMS will and has acted as the marketing department for several companies. We work with professionals when it comes to expanding a media presence - overseeing the creation of websites as well as manage SEO/SEM and social media pages. We will work on-site or remotely and either on a per project or retainer basis -- depending on the needs of the project and the client.

      We are a socially conscious company that welcomes not-for-profit or other charity or faith-based clients. We frequently will adopt a cause or charity and make donations to them. In addition, we try to be environmentally observant by offering billing and other services via email.

Who We Are

Ag Media Solutions, Inc. (Ag = chemical sign for Silver) is a full service project management firm specializing in marketing/advertising/public relations and media consultation. Founded in 1996, AgMS started with video production before adding cutting edge, modern services to provide every type of media to suit a client's needs. Clients include Goldman, Sachs & Co., CBS, numerous specialty small businesses and national and international multi-media firms. 

     AgMS specializes in rolling out full marketing campaigns. We will create logos, stationery, signs, brochures, PowerPoint Presentations and even help with public speaking training. With our partner Rosen & Federico, we offer a complete package of business, accounting and financial services. In addition, we will work with a band or other entertainment act to get them seen, booked and known on a broad scale.

     Need a tee-shirt for a custom event or happening? Or are you into "geek wear"? Then check out our line of clothes Mondo Monster Wear.